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Opening ceremony of shared space in Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia and activity bases of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee & Jingcheng Building Community grandly staged

2020-11-25 09:00:09

“Ningbonese are a perfect match of Jews in business operations.”

 - Richthofen, German scholar


It is known to the world that Jews are good at doing business. Ningbonese figures, Ningbo merchants in particular, are also famous for their strong entrepreneurship and remarkable management capability. In the past century, Ningbonese figures have obtained more than 100 leading Chinese achievements in modern industrial and commercial history. Each of the names Pao Yue Kong, Run Run Shaw, Tung Chee Hwa, Yan Kang Mao, Chao Kuang Piu unfolds a legend.


These industrial and commercial tycoons and elites from Ningbo are not only leaders in various industries such as commerce, trade, finance and transportation, but also closely knit their struggles with the development of their hometown. Ningbonese figures have supported renovating roads and bridges, founding schools, running medical institutions, helping the disadvantaged groups, investing in entrepreneurship and even promoted reform and opening-up and the establishment of Ningbo as a city with separate state development plans. The patriotism of Ningbonese figures is a crucial driver behind the development of Ningbo.

Today, the story of Ningbonese figures is continuing, and the spirit of Ningbo merchants passed down from generation one to generation two found a carrier in 2018, that is The Bauhinia, their office headquarters jointly developed by the descendants of Mr. Pao Yue Kong and 28 renowned Ningbo merchants at home and abroad.

| Picture taken at The Bauhinia

The Bauhinia is not only a domicile for domestic and overseas Ningbo merchants, but also the cornerstone of industrial development, the support for career development and the new starting point of entrepreneurship and innovation for the vast number of Ningbo merchants and the new generation of Ningbonese figures.


On 25 December 2020, the opening ceremony of shared space in the Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia and unveiling ceremony of Ningbo Overseas Young Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee Activity Base and Jingcheng Building Community Activity Base were held grandly.


Ningbonese figures contribute to their hometown, bears passions towards the country, and Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government also vigorously create a good business environment to help the development of The Bauhinia. The United Front Work Department of Ningbo Municipal Committee, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Ningbo Port Office, Ningbo Eastern New Town Development and Construction Headquarters, Yinzhou District Bureau of Commerce, Fuming Street Jincheng Community, Ningbo Overseas Young Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee, Yinzhou District Building Economy Promotion Association, Quan Jinglian Real Estate Club and businesses stationed in The Bauhinia participated in the ceremony.


Ningbo Overseas Young Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee is also officially stationed in The Bauhinia, and its President Mr. Philip Pao Sohmen delivered a speech via video at the ceremony.

| Video speech by Mr. Philip Pao Sohmen

| Unveiling ceremony of Ningbo Overseas Young Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Committee

In addition to the position of President, Mr. Philip Pao Sohmen has another role - the grandson of Mr. Pao Yue Kong, the third generation of Ningbonese figures who continues to make contributions to the development of Ningbo, their like-minded city.


Only the prime location of the city matches the century-old brilliant history of Ningbonese figures.

 Eastern New Town is undoubtedly the most upscale CBD at the heart of Ningbo.


The demand for living may prefer serenity, but the yearning for office must be at the heart of the city. Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia·is located at the heart of Eastern New Town, occupies the most precious land, and creates a premium business core with the administrative international shipping, international financial and international convention and exhibition hubs. The core business district of Eastern New Town boasts a large number of supporting facilities to satisfy the needs of business communications, activities and receptions, all of which can be found in The Bauhinia.

| Picture taken at The Bauhinia

The surrounding facilities of The Bauhinia are not eclipsed by 

other core constructions in Eastern New Town

Adjoining Haiyan North Road Station, the interchange of metro line 1 and line 5 (under construction), The Bauhinia enjoys dual line transportation. With the two main roads, Ningchuan Road and Ningdong Road, it can quickly reach the whole city via the modern three-dimensional transportation system, and the shortening of business commuting time saves valuable time cost for businesses.

| Schematic illustration

Yangmuqi River and Yetang River are intertwined with The Bauhinia, where one may enjoy a quiet waterscape. The Bauhinia is adjacent to the 140,000 m2 central park in the west with unobstructed view, making it the only office building with top-scale panoramic landscape and waterscape ecological scenery at the heart of Eastern New Town.


Office buildings and commercial buildings together contribute to city prosperity and occupy the prime location. Central, where the rent of office buildings is the highest in the world for several consecutive years, is located in the heart of Hong Kong. In addition to the dream office and well-known enterprises that Hong Kong people yearn for, the shopping malls in Central also gather world brand stores such as Tiffany & Co., LV, Celine and Gucci, becoming a bustling resort attracting international businessmen.

| Schematic illustration of Hankyu Department Store

The Bauhinia is also close to Ningbo’s long-awaited commercial mall Hankyu Department Store, which, operated by Hankyu, will officially open in April this year, and many international first-line luxury brands such as PRADA, Hermès, CHANEL, Salva-tore Ferragamo will also make their debut in Ningbo. The life and office experience in The Bauhinia, which sits above Hankyu Department Store, will also be significantly enhanced.

The function of office building is not only working space in the narrow sense

but also a showcase of corporate image

The strength of a company can be found from its working space and environment. The quality of the office environment depends on the sound hardware facilities and soft power of the building.


In addition to its geographical advantages, Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia·integrates quality hardware and professional property management, creating a high-end business space tailored for the elites, and boosting Ningbo’s business quality to meet world standards.

| Picture taken at the lobby of·Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia


As a signature for visitors, the lobby plays an important role in revealing corporate image. The lofty lobby of Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia·is nearly 8 m in height, and the spacious space not only perfects the functions of the lobby, but also integrates modern business with artistic and cultural innovation, and brings a wonderful experience to companies in terms of atmosphere and visual presentation. In the lobby hangs the painting ZJH Code of Landscape by famous artist Huang Yan. The Mondrian landscape painting in bold text show the organic combination of avant-garde and tradition.

| Picture taken at the lift lobby of Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia


From the lobby to the office space, the lift is a gauge of office efficiency, and carrying capacity and speed are particularly important. The Bauhinia is well aware of the requirements of exceptional enterprises for high efficiency, and is equipped with 9 Hitachi high-speed lifts. The carrying capacity of 1,350 kg and the efficiency achieved by zoning facilitate business travel and ease congestion during rush hours. From the lift to the office, ventilation, lighting and sound insulation are all important factors that will affect office comfort and work efficiency. LOW-E transparent glass curtain wall is used on the facade of Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia, which greatly enhances the indoor lighting area of the office building. While ensuring natural light source, the glass curtain wall can effectively reduce noise with its excellent performance, creating a quiet office environment.


The property management service standards of office buildings will also directly affect the working environment of businesses in the office buildings. A property with first-class service concepts and standards such as humanistic care, high efficiency and safety can bring better business experience to enterprises. Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia has engaged Colliers International, one of the top five global property management service providers which has served high-end projects such as Taipei 101 and Shanghai Xinmao Building, and its globally leading professional standards and service experience can provide sound property management experience for enterprises stationed in the building. The “rent only and not for sale” operation mode can also greatly improve the software and hardware services offered to customers.


For enterprises, apart from matching their strength and corporate culture, office buildings are also intangible assets. The platform fostered by office buildings is also pivotal for enterprises to establish connections with the upper class. The gathering of industry peers not only saves office cost, but also facilitates enterprises to have quick and accurate access to market information and carry out cooperation.


Ping An Property & Casualty Insurance, Allianz China Life Insurance, Globelink-Trans (Tianjin) International Forwarders, Beijing Yingke Law Firm, Zhejiang Brighteous Law Firm and other well-known global and domestic enterprises engaged in shipping related industries have all stationed in·Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia to tap potential markets leveraging fellow occupants that are powerful giants.

| Unveiling ceremony of Jingcheng Community on Fuming Street


Meanwhile, The Bauhinia has also received strong support from the municipal and district government departments in Ningbo. Jingcheng Community on Fuming Street in Yinzhou District, has established presence in The Bauhinia, and the supporting services of government departments in the early and late stages for enterprises stationed in The Bauhinia can be conveniently handled in the building. Not all office buildings can attract government supporting services! The future commercial value behind The Bauhinia is unparalleled.


Different enterprises often have tailored requirements for working space. The gross floor area of Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia·is about 1,780 m2 per floor, and the standard floor height is about 4.2 m, which is much higher than ordinary standards. The office space with a gross floor area of about 428-462 m2 and the diversified rental models are suitable for enterprises of all sizes and satisfy their requirements.


The shared space on the 3rd floor includes reception, leisure, joint office and conference room areas, allowing stationed enterprises to conduct business exchanges. The joint office space with ample area will become an international talent exchange hub, offering various possibilities for innovation and entrepreneurship. Besides, some merchants associations and federations in Hong Kong have been introduced to facilitate Ningbo merchants at home and abroad to revisit their hometown.


The shared conference facilities include seven venues of different styles and sizes with five flexible rental models. The conference venues can accommodate 20 to over 240 people respectively, and are equipped with basic conference equipment which can be rented by stationed enterprises, and training and conference support services can be provided at any time.

| Picture taken at the shared space


As an extension of office space, low-rise commercial premises have to meet the diverse and multiple needs of the elites during different time of the day as well. The commercial premises of The Bauhinia are also held by the developer and comprise a commercial mall of about 8,000 m2, offering vast wealth opportunities for enterprises and merchants.


For low-rise commercial premises, footfall is wealth. The elite consumer groups of The Bauhinia and the huge number of people attracted by Hankyu Department Store will surely constitute an excellent core consumer circle with far-reaching value.

Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia occupies the commanding heights of Ningbo, learns from the experience of global leading office buildings, keeps pace with the standards of international metropolis, foresees the future of Ningbo’s business model, and will become a new signature for Ningbo in connecting to the world.

| Office scene of The Bauhinia

Working at The Bauhinia, one can see the 30-storey building shining in the morning glow every day, and looking out through the glass curtain wall, one can see the prosperous scenery of Eastern New Town worth RMB200 billion. The office experience once seen in TVB comes to reality within reach at The Bauhinia.


Hankyu Department Store is about to open, and investment of RMB200 billion in Eastern New Town continues to bear fruit. The magnificent achievements of Ningbo’s high-standard urban planning are maturing, and it is just the right time to station in The Bauhinia, the top-notch choice in Eastern New Town.


Carrying the century-old glory of Ningbonese figures and prominently located at the heart of Ningbo, the well-furnished Maritime Silk Road Shipping Building of The Bauhinia·offered for rental is the definite choice for global businesses!


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