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Upscale communities for elites have become city hallmarks

2018-02-13 04:16:43

Upscale communities for elites have become city hallmarks

It is said that “the superstructure hinges upon the economic foundation”, and it is also said that “80% of the world’s wealth is controlled by 20% of the world’s population”.

 In this sense, upscale communities dedicated to such “20% population” have a presence across cities.


IN Shanghai

Sinan Mansions

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Sinan Mansions, the new signature of Shanghai which features sophisticated humanistic and historical connotation and proven architectural culture,

 has witnessed the harmonious co-existence of ancient and modern Oriental and Western culture.


Sinan Mansions boasts heritage alongside modernism. While paying tribute to the traditions, it has instilled refreshed dynamics to the region, 

reshaping its humanistic connotation and unique characteristics. It strives to set a perfect model in bridging the future urban space and local living style of Shanghai with foresight.  


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Once lying in the north of the former residence of Sun Yat-sen and adjacent to the Shanghai office of the Chinese Communist Party, the Zhou’s Mansions, 

Sinan Mansions attracted a large number of the then military and political dignitaries, entrepreneurs, professionals and well-known artists to move in, 

making it the residence and gathering destination for the upper class at that time. Modern historical celebrities such as Liu Yazi and Mei Lanfang once lived there.


IN Tianjin

Five Major Avenues


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The Five Major Avenues region in Tianjin houses the earliest mansion residence primarily inhabited by foreigners who designated concessions. Back then,

 the Five Major Avenues region was still a puddle of water. Some foreigners lived next to office areas close to Jiefang Road, 

and some around Marco Polo Square in the former Italian concession in Hebei.


The privacy of the buildings on the Five Major Avenues creates a profound and secluded atmosphere. The mansions are pleasantly constructed into low level ones without high-rise buildings, 

and the courtyards have a street view where flowers and trees crisscross the mansions and windows.


Most importantly, the courtyards are fenced up mostly with solid walls rather than railings. Specifically, the square-hole wall of Minyuan Building,

 which bears resemblance to shutters, seems to be light-transmitting, but actually it is impossible to have a command of the whole view from the outside, 

which fits the reclusion and privacy preference of property owners.

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The former residences of celebrities can be found everywhere on the Five Major Avenues, and those of Zhang Xueliang, Gu Weijun, Hu Fu, Zhang Boling, 

Zhang Zizhong, Sun Dianying, Li Airui, Xu Shichang, Pan Fu and Duan Qirui remain intact.


IN Guangzhou



Shamian is an important commercial port in Guangzhou. Over the past hundred years, dozens of countries had set up consulates in Shamian, 

nine foreign banks and more than 40 foreign firms were operated in Shamian, and the Guangdong Customs Club and Guangzhou Club were also established there. Shamian witnessed the vicissitudes in Guangzhou’s modern history, mirroring the footprints of great figures such as Dr. Sun Yat-sen and Premier Zhou Enlai. 

Shamian has become the miniature of China’s modern history and past concessions, and the European-style architecture on Shamian Island has developed into a unique open-air “museum”.




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Upscale communities pursue luxury


Not all buildings qualify for upscale communities and not all spacious apartments are mansions! In addition to the general attributes of residence, 

mansions also excel in elaborate and unique design in terms of architectural humanistic care, 

human-friendly residence and living convenience taking into consideration of human nature and life comfort. As such a high-end residential development, 

what standard features does The Bauhinia have?


Mansions constructed leveraging natural landscaping are common to see. However, if we go the extra mile, we will find that they are basically vacant. 

One important reason is that these mansions are far away from downtown and the lack of supporting facilities cannot assure convenient life experience.


A major criterion for mansions lies in their exclusive use of urban resources. Moreover, such resources are often scarce, deemed as the city landmark and non-renewable.


What comes first is land resources. Mansions are usually located at the heart of a city with precious land value and increasingly scarce land resources. Furthermore

mansions also adjoin the landmark of a city, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing, Huangpu River in Shanghai, West Lake in Hangzhou, etc.

Occupying such prime land lots is in itself typical of the upper class.


A mansion in the real sense is also a mansion with fame resting in the downtown area. The Bauhinia indulges its property owners in a lifestyle where they are greeted with

 a booming commercial hub going outside and comfortable ease going inside.


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Classic quality


Buildings are places of residence and the soul of a city, and mansions, being superior buildings, shape the spirit of a city. There is no doubt that mansions must be excellent buildings.


The elites living in cities take advantage of their talent and ingenuity to rapidly accumulate incredible wealth. For them, urban mansions are ideal for embodying the privileged urban resources.


The quintessence of mansions lies in the details. Although both being residential buildings, mansions and ordinary residence offer drastically different experience even at the entrance gate. 

The well-decorated lobby of a mansion, which looks luxurious and elegant, is not only hospitable for home-comers, 

but also reveals the distinguished nobility of the property owners to their visitors without the need for introduction.

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Fostering connections with elites


The Bauhinia is not just a residential building, but a choice of lifestyle, a symbol of gaining access to the high-end social circle and the elite group.


Finally, it is a must for mansions to take into account every detail in life for property owners. 

Dedicated services offered by Colliers International are not only an assurance of life quality, but also a symbol of status.

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