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Bauhinia | The Bauhinia: they are serious in building construction!

2018-01-02 04:46:48

The Bauhinia: they are serious in building construction!

These people ventured out from Ningbo to pursue a cause with honesty and integrity.


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“Sail on the ocean, forget about your parents”. In this nursery rhyme, people sing about the bitterness of Ningbonese figures who left home and ventured the length and breadth of the country to start a business. Whether in ancient or modern days, at home or abroad, honesty and integrity are two of the keys to Ningbonese figures’ enduring prosperity and spiritual support.


Ningbonese figures seamlessly put the traditional morality of honesty into play in the market economy and treat integrity as the yardstick for merchant assessment. Their creditability and sensibility enjoy universal recognition.


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They returned to Ningbo with enthusiasm and devoted themselves to building the city. Ningbonese figures responded to the call of the country and made contributions to Ningbo’s opening up, development and construction.


Ready to ride the tide in the market, to be the first mover, to endure hardships, to blaze a trail, and to compete with peers, new generations of Ningbonese figures inherit this entrepreneurial gene from their ancestors, and they are writing brand-new stories of their own.


The tradition of business builds on the integrity of Ningbonese figures, and they are serious in building construction!


The Bauhinia is funded and built by 28 overseas Ningbonese figures. It’s all about Ningbo merchants and celebrities of this era inheriting and paying tribute to the spirit of Ningbonese figures.


As a representative project of the first and second generations of Ningbonese figures to pass on the spirit of building a better hometown, The Bauhinia is like home to Ningbonese figures.


Careful site selection


The Bauhinia is located at the junction of Haiyan North Road and Ningdong Road in the core area of Eastern New Town.


Supported by multi-functional facilities such as international convention and exhibition centre, Ningbo Administrative Service Centre, international shipping and logistics centre and international financial centre, The Bauhinia takes advantages of urban resources and, with an international outlook, ushers in a new era of doing business in Eastern New Town. 

In the vicinity of commercial space like Hankyu Department Store, Cultural Plaza and Intime City covering over 1,000,000 m2, The Bauhinia benefits from the prosperity of the city.


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The Bauhinia is adjacent to metro line 1 and line 5 (under construction) and about 100 m from Haiyan North Road station, and served by multiple bus routes.

 With such well-established urban transportation system, it is easy and fast to go anywhere from The Bauhinia.


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The Bauhinia is just about 150 m from the central park which covers an area of 144,000 m2 with Yangmuqi River in the east and Yetang River in the north. 

This is the place where you can live and enjoy the green river scenery and the air from the green space of the city after a busy day, and you will feel comfort in the heart of it close to nature.


Careful service selection


The Bauhinia engages Colliers International, a top five global property management company, to provide quality and efficient unified management services on a commission basis.

 Based on exclusive services with additional featured highlights, Colliers provides more exquisite and more distinguished service experience for customers in life and at work.


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Under the corporate culture of excellent service and the service concept of innovation, Colliers International brings together real estate professionals around the world.

 Its excellent service is based on innovative service schemes and extensive practical experience.


The cooperation between The Bauhinia and Colliers is a combination of excellent qualities.


Careful product development


The total scale of The Bauhinia project exceeds 120,000 m2, including the headquarters of the International Ningbo Merchants Association, high-end office, 

luxury residence and ancillary business facilities.


Project rendering

The well-decorated Hong Kong style residence with 146 scarce apartments and a gross floor area of approximately 170-280 m2 each is the ideal home for Ningbonese figures.


Picture of a fully furnished apartment condo


The Bauhinia is an integration of artistic aesthetics and quality residence. From high floors, you have a command of the prosperous Eastern New Town.


Project rendering

 The office building with fine decoration purely for lease is within Ningbo’s international shipping and logistics industry pivots, and as a property held by the developer,

 it will serve as a high-end business platform combining Chinese and Western characteristics for enterprises stationing there.


The path of righteousness and honesty

Leads us to our unsoiled destination

The honesty and integrity of Ningbonese figures

Promise you an upscale domicile in The Bauhinia


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Ningbo Bauhinia

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Location: 3rd Floor, Bauhinia Office Building, No. 371, Haiyan North Road, East New City, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City

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