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Yongli Chaotou

      The Bauhinia Development Project was jointly created by 28 members of the "Ningbo Gang" who are well-known at home and abroad. This is not only a place where Ningbo merchants from all over the world gather, but also inherits a "Ningbo Spirit". Although the Ningbo Gang was tight on funds that day, it was determined to develop in Hong Kong with unremitting and diligent efforts. Creative Ningbo merchants all made contributions in Hong Kong and became outstanding businessmen.

      At that time, the Ningbo merchants, known as the "Ningbo Gang", had a fine tradition of benevolent charity and benefiting the society. They have successively donated money to contribute to their homeland following Sir Yugang Bao’s donation to the development of the mainland of China.

Ningbo Bauhinia

Global investment

Location: 3rd Floor, Bauhinia Office Building, No. 371, Haiyan North Road, East New City, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City

Investment hotline: 0574-87965666


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