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The Bauhinia: an artistic tribute to Muse

2018-03-14 04:49:02

The Bauhinia: an artistic tribute to Muse

“Beauty” is a word with broad meaning. Artistic creation never defines any concrete or restricted beauty. Similarly, 

every woman who works hard and lives earnestly in every city and at every post owns the beauty that others cannot imitate or replace


The beauty of delicacy


It is not unreasonable that people often describe women’s beauty as “beautiful as flowers” since ancient times.


Beauties adorned with flowers


As the verse goes, “Willow leaves are likened to her brows and lotus her face”, a woman, like a flower, could be as gorgeous as a peony,

 as tender as a daisy, as elegant as a white plum, and as charming as a bauhinia.


Zhang Ning’s sculpture, Bauhinia Flower


Sculptor Zhang Ning lives and works in Shanghai. He uses the technique of “self-reflection” in creating most of his sculptures. 

He pays attention to the integration of reality and image in order to achieve unity of form and spirit.


Bauhinia represents Hong Kong. Zhang Ning is fascinated by its posture and form, and regards it as the flower of life. Based on self-reflection, 

the sculptor imagines himself merging and blooming with bauhinia.


The beauty of mysteriousness


Mysterious women seem like wearing a veil which makes you want to find out what is behind. Mysteriousness is a fascinating temperament.


Just as mysterious women have stories, every piece of art has a story that makes you wonder.


Restoration of Venus de Milo


The missing limbs of Venus de Milo, though a regret to the world, leave room for imagination and creation, and add to the sculpture infinite charm.


This beauty is mysterious. It is the kind of beauty that comes from your thought and imagination. You get not only a sensory shock. You are also spiritually moved.


Venus of Chinese Family Names is a sculpture created by Zhang Tiemei, an artist, in 2013. It is made of Chinese family-name characters in the image of Venus,

 the goddess of beauty in Western culture.


The sculpture is an integration of Oriental language and culture and Western aesthetics, a reproduction of the concept of cultural fusion. Chinese and Western cultures,

 when combined, have unique artistic and cultural qualities.



Zhang Tiemei’s sculpture, Venus of Chinese Family Names


The beauty of integration


The beauty of Chinese women would be overshadowed without a swaying cheongsam. The beauty of cheongsam lies in the kind of elegance exclusive in

 Oriental women. With fashionable western-style curly hair and red lips, cheongsam makes a Chinese beauty out of a woman.


Picture from the Internet


Oriental spirit in the form of Western aesthetics culminates in the beauty of blending Oriental and Western cultures.


Huang Yan is one of the representative avant-garde artists in contemporary China. Adept in diversifying artistic forms, he often integrates traditional elements 

of painting and action into photography and contemporary elements into painting.


Huang Yan’s painting, ZJH Code of Landscape


ZJH Code of Landscape integrates Chinese landscape painting and modern symbols into Bauhaus’ design aesthetics of tinted geometric blocks.

This Mondrian landscape painting in bold script betters speaks of the fusion of different world views in the history of human evolution.



Life is not a creation of art

But you ladies around us are muses

Beautiful women keep a low profile

Beautiful homes need not boast

Art is never far from life.

The Bauhinia is not only a gathering place for Ningbo merchants and the ideal home for urban elites, but also a place for art.


These sculptures render the merchant led residence a unique aura of culture and serve as an important milestone in shaping the benchmark that will

 usher in a new era of artistic residence in Eastern New Town.


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